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About Us

Alliance Electric Inc, Your Premier Partner for Innovative Electrical and Facility Solutions.

Partner with Alliance for a future where innovation and precision meet unparalleled service.

At Alliance, we transcend traditional boundaries to redefine the realms of electrical services and facility solutions. Going beyond the ordinary, our comprehensive offerings encompass groundbreaking electrical construction alongside essential facility repairs, including drywall, concrete, and building maintenance.

The Alliance teams continues to perform outstanding work safely, Pictured below are some of the projects that have been completed recently.  Please check back often to see updated projects that are completed.

Why Opt for Alliance

  • Exceptional Expertise Our commitment to delivering exceptional results is backed by a team of seasoned professionals, ensuring each project receives the highest level of expertise.
  • Professional Prowess We pride ourselves on maintaining the utmost professionalism throughout every aspect of our work, assuring clients of a seamless and reliable partnership.
  • Setting Industry Standards Striving to be recognized as the best in Asia, we consistently set and uphold industry standards, positioning ourselves as leaders in the field.
  • Strategic Planning: Success is a product of meticulous planning. With a strategic approach, we guarantee optimal project outcomes and client satisfaction.
  • Unmatched Support Our commitment extends beyond project completion. Alliance Electric Inc. provides unwavering support, fostering ongoing success and operational excellence for our clients.
  • Affordable Excellence: Combining quality with affordability, we offer competitive and reasonable pricing, ensuring top-notch solutions without compromising on budget.

Project Showcase

Explore the tangible impact of Alliance Electric through our showcase of completed projects. These achievements not only reflect our dedication to safety but also spotlight our ongoing pursuit of excellence. Check back regularly for updates, as we continue to shape the future of electrical and facility solutions with innovation and precision.

Alliance Electric Inc

Setting the Standard in Safety, Excellence, and Inclusion

At Alliance, we proudly stand apart with a commitment to excellence that goes beyond the ordinary. Our receipt of the prestigious Diamond Step Safety Award for 2022 from the ABC Delaware Chapter, the highest level of STEP Award, exemplifies our unwavering dedication to safety. Additionally, earning the Gold level inclusion and diversity in the workplace award showcases our commitment to fostering an environment that values and celebrates the diverse contributions of our hardworking employees. Choose Alliance for a partner that not only delivers exceptional services but also prioritizes safety, excellence, and inclusivity at every step.

  • Innovative Solutions
    We specialize in providing cutting-edge and innovative solutions, ensuring our clients stay ahead in a dynamic business landscape.
  • Client-Centric Support
    Our commitment extends beyond services; we offer unwavering support to our clients, ensuring their journey with us is seamless and successful.
  • Destination Promotion Expertise
    With a keen focus on promoting each destination uniquely, we bring forth strategies that tell a compelling and distinctive story for every location.
  • Strong Partnerships
    Forge strong connections with international agencies, leveraging partnerships that add value and amplify the impact of our services on a global scale.
  • Empowering Local Businesses
    Dedicated to supporting local small businesses, we work collaboratively to help them reach their goals, fostering growth and sustainability.
  • Comprehensive Service Offering
    Our services go beyond the transactional; we offer a complete package, including strategic planning, to ensure a holistic and impactful approach to every project.

Alliance Electric Inc: Crafting Safety and Precision in Every Project

Driven by a commitment to safety and unparalleled craftsmanship, Alliance transforms spaces, making homes beautiful. What began as a small endeavor has evolved into a sought-after choice for industrial facilities, with safety and artistry embedded in every job, regardless of size. At Alliance, we don’t just work; we create spaces that blend functionality with aesthetics, ensuring safety and beauty coexist harmoniously in every project we undertake.

Why Commercial Safety Checks are Essential

Prioritizing commercial safety checks is paramount for fostering a secure and efficient work environment. Beyond regulatory compliance, here’s why it’s crucial for businesses:

  • Risk Mitigation
    Regular safety checks identify and address potential hazards, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring the well-being of personnel and assets.
  • Legal Compliance
    Adhering to industry regulations and standards through safety checks prevents legal complications, promoting a smooth workflow and business continuity.
  • Operational Continuity
    A safe workplace minimizes disruptions due to accidents or injuries, contributing to consistent operational performance.
  • Employee Well-being
    Demonstrating a commitment to safety shows care for your team’s well-being, cultivating a positive workplace culture that enhances job satisfaction and productivity.
  • Reputation Management
    A focus on safety enhances your business reputation, establishing trust and reliability with clients and stakeholders.